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Where are we from?

When Energie Consult Holland BV was established in 1994, the market for inspection authorities was still limited to one inspection authority.  The founders of Energie Consult Holland (ECH) were well aware this was a transitional situation in which the inspection market would shift from a full government task to what it is today: a task where the government has the role of supervising authority over the parties performing the work.

There were 5 years between the establishment in 1994 and when the first indications under the new regime were published in the Government Gazette. ECH was among the first group of inspection bodies designated by the Dutch government and registered in the EU. And ECH has continuously fulfilled that public task for the past 25 years.

The company name can be traced back to the early years in which the main part of the company turnover was generated through technical advice in the field of energy and the environment.  The formalisation of the inspection and testing activities of ECH, however, meant intentionally abandoning that part of our advisory role that overlapped with the inspection activities.  

In those early years as an inspection body, ECH made a name for itself by providing clarity on how to deal with the inspection status of ammonia cooling and freezing installations. There appeared to be a great need for that clarity from users as well as installers and licensing authorities. It is that experience that led ECH to grow into the inspection body it is and aims to be today: a body in which powers are combined with kindness without allowing them to conflict.  This was a tense situation in the early years. It still is today, but it is a challenge we continue to accept because it is one of our company's core values.

Where are we going?

Core business is inspection and testing of pressure equipment.

We are convinced that with what we have to offer, ECH will continue to grow in size and in services provided. The internal power that ECH has is primarily responsible for this. In addition, social developments have meant there is more desire for more supervision, more insight and more clarity. ECH is ideally suited to provide these.

As a result of this development, we are also able to share knowledge. We already do this, but you can contact us about courses, information and help with increasing staff competencies. Our expectation is that ECH will continue to develop considerably in this field.

Renzo Bergman

Inspection expert

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Peter van Bokhorst

Inspection expert

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Henk Brouwer

Inspection expert

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Maurits Driessen

Inspection expert

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Peter Fles

Inspection expert

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Wessel Hendertink

Inspection expert

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Bas Jansen

Inspection expert

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Peter Jansen

Inspection expert

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Peter Kappert

Inspection expert

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Marinelle Kingma


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Lieke Koets

Safety & Environment

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Roel Los

Inspection expert

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Arjen Meppelder

Inspection expert

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Johan Odie

Inspection expert

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Jobèrt Peeters

Inspection expert

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Lisette Philippi

Human Resource Management

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Cor van Rhenen

Inspection and verification expert

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Jetze Rodenhuis


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Rob Schaak

Inspection expert

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Paul Twisk

Inspection expert

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Tonny Veldhuis

Verification, EU ETS/Consultant, Environmental Management

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Peter de Visser


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Géjan Voskamp

Inspection expert, Communication Technician

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David Wehkamp

Inspection expert

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Alex Westerbroek

Inspection expert

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Reind Westerveld

Inspection expert

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