under pressure 2019

An impressive conference about pressure equipment.

Wessel Hendertink No pressure on inspection planning
Peter Jansen          Everything CE, everything okay.
Lieke Koets            Just crisis-oriented thinking!
Reind Westerveld   Inspect differently

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An impressive conference on pressure equipment. Over 150 visitors gathered in the Basilica in Veenendaal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Energie Consult Holland. The speakers and guests shared their experiences with pressure equipment. Jetze Rodenhuis reflected on the origins and history: "Our success factors are perseverance and expertise, coupled with our vision to invest in long-term relationships. It's not for nothing that our motto is: Competent, committed and flexible. Ultimately, this brought us growth in a market where there is now a choice and where Energie Consult Holland aims to distinguish itself through quality. Because an inspection body needs to be stable."